Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Oberoi Hotel in Delhi has Class

We just had our agency Leadership Conference in New Delhi - at The Oreroi Hotel.

What a fantastic place.

The rooms rooms were spectacular. The food excellent. The staff were delightful.

On my second day I found this note (shown above) and some deodorant and shaving gel in my room.

Did it delight me? Absolutely.

Will I go back to the Oberoi next time I am in NewDelhi (repeat business)? Of course - it will be my first choice.

Have I talked about (advocacy)?  I have talked about in the office (off-line). I have Twittered it. I have put it on Facebook. I have blogged about it (on-line).

Did it take much effort or cost a lot? No.

This for me epitomises what great brand experiences are about.

I have blogged about great hotels that get it...and rubbish hotels that don't.

All brand organisations should be looking at how they can deliver great brand experiences that delight at every part of the path to advocacy. As this example shows, it can be a very powerful way to build a  competitive advantage that gets consumers' to buy again and advocate your brand.

In case you can not read the note it says:

"Dear Mr Weir,

While servicing your room I noticed that your deodorant and shaving gel is getting over and hence I have taken the liberty of placing the same for you.

I hope you are happy with the quality of housekeeping in your room.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.