Friday, 16 March 2012

Mercedes invisible car works for me

I like this.[posted in The Week]

The idea is clever but the message is simple. A good combination.

Anyone that saw the car when it was 'on tour' in Germany would have had a memorable and powerful brand experience. 

The 8+ million viewers that have seen it on Youtube will have had a different but engaging brand experience.

Both will have helped drive advocacy

Nice one.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Experience is the next Corporate Battleground

This is the type of headline I love. 

"Customer Experience: The Next corporate Battleground".


Brand organisations are starting to catch-on that it isn't enough anymore to focus all effort on traditional marketing. 

As the article says, they need to build an experience so extraordinary that it differentiates them from their competitors and inspires people to become advocates...

To do that they need to build an operation that delivers fabulous brand experiences at every stage of what I call the path to purchase.

The article mentions Apple and Zappos. Two brands organisations that dominate all articles about successful organisations that get it.

Take a look at my previous posts on what these organisations do to win.

Zappos focus on WOWing consumers
Apple understand the importance of in-store delivery and delight.