Saturday, 28 March 2009

Zappos win by focusing on WOWing consumers

I have come across several blogs that talk enthusiastically about the recent SXSW conference and particularly the contribution made by the key note speaker Tony Hsieh – the CEO of Zappos.

During the conference Hsieh talked about Zappos and their 10 core values.

At the top of his list: to deliver WOW through service.

There is an excellent posting on Harvard Business Publishing explaining some of the reasons why Zappos is so successful. Part of the success is that they have got the economics and operations right - offering of a vast selection of goods, free delivery and returns.

However, what makes a real difference is their focus on WOW through service. They have mastered the art of telephone service. Their employees are smart and entertaining. They have no scripts, no call time limits and no robotic behaviour.

Zappos understands that it is not just about promising products that deliver – although this is key – but also about delighting consumers; by finding ways to surprise, to be magical and connect with them on an emotional level.

I love this.

It’s exactly what all brand organisations should be focusing on. Too many spend all their effort on the Promise to consumers via advertising. Most get the Delivery right but few Delight consumers.

Brand success comes through delivering great brand experiences that delight and drive advocacy. Zappos really get that - their turn-over has grown from $70m to almost $1billion in 5 years.

Most brand organisations could learn from them.

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