Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Packaging is a brand experience that is often overlooked

Good packaging is vital.  It is frequently measured to be one of the most influential touchpoints.

Good packaging should make it easier for the consumer as they go through the process of selecting a brand in store – sometimes referred to as ‘the first ‘moment of truth.’

It should communicates clearly -the proposition and values.

It should help differentiation and stand-out on shelf.

That’s why brands organisations spend a lot of time and resource on trying to get it right.

Why is it then that they often get it wrong and use plastic moulding packaging that makes it impossible to open?

Brands should consider ‘the second moment of truth’ - the moment when consumers get home and try and open it- and reflect on what kind of brand experience their packaging is delivering. 

Beauty Care, DIY and Electrical should take particular care as they often get it wrong.

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