Thursday, 12 March 2009

I am a customer that has become the ad agency for Nikoi Island

To be true to one of the main themes of this blog I have to tell you about Nikoi Island.

My wife discovered it on-line (via and thought it looked idyllic.

It was. We were there 3 days and they were magical.

So, why am I writing about it?

As you may spot in the picture, while there I finished Jeff Jarvis’s book ‘What Would Google Do?’ [See my previous posting]

One rule in the book is: “Your customers are your ad agency.”

I agree. 

I am advocate (I’ve become Nikoi’s ad agency).

Why? That’s easy. They promised (it looked great on the website); they delivered (the transfer, facilities, food, etc, where excellent); and they delighted (the staff and service was perfect)

Read this blog... go there...what else can I say? (Oh yes, read the book.)


Yogi said...

Cool post - glad to hear you enjoyed your stay. There is a pina colada or two waiting for your return visit. Cheers Yogi

stephenn richardsonn said...

Our customers are our ad agency.

Thanks for sharing interesting post.

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