Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Wispa have responded to lobbying by fans

Thanks to Nick Burcher for bringing this word-of-mouth and social marketing Wispa campaign to my attention....

In response to lobbying by fans Cadbury have successfully bought back Wispa and have launched this new phase of their social marketing campaign.

Cadbury have a good track record of doing on-line stuff like this [see previous post], however, I'm not sure 'For the Love of Wispa' has the same evident appeal of 'Eyebrows.' It will be interesting to see how this activity plays out and whether fans become active advocates that pass it on

The ad industry is littered with plenty of 'buzz' marketing failures so I will track with interest the scale and sustainablity of this campaign.

Read Nick's post for the full story and to get his perspective of the key take-outs. 

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Nick Burcher said...

Think the biggest difference between Eyebrows / Gorilla and Wispa is the execution. Gorilla etc were supported with heavy TV activity that moved onto internet as users shared / remixed the content. Wispa was a consumer 'groundswell' that moved the other way - from internet into mainstream advertising.

Both have produced impressive results and show how social media can be used to amplify / engage, but I agree, the trick now is how to keep it going, whilst keeping it authentic.