Saturday, 23 May 2009

Brand Experiences that gets brands noticed

The first stage of the Path to Advocacy is to get your brand noticed. Noticed by both potential consumers (to try to persuade them to consider buying) and existing consumers (to help make them feel positive about their decision to buy).

I define notice as the moment a brand gets on the radar of a consumer; when they see/hear about the brand and consider whether it might be something they need.

In years gone by this was about shouting at consumers. It was all about intrusion, cut-through and impact....the more a brand spent the better chance it had to get noticed.

As we all know, the world has changed. Consumers are in control so a big budget no longer guarantees success.

Brands therefore have to behave differently.

To get noticed they need to deliver brand experiences that talk to consumers in a way that will resonate and persuade them to pay some attention to what you want to say.

It’s about being engaging, appealing and relevant.

Here are some approaches that I think help get noticed:

If you can add to this list let me know.


Randall Beard said...

Andrew: Agree completely that getting noticed is the first stage and I like the different approaches you articulate above. I would add another approach: addressing consumers needs in an insightful way. Too much marketing is about entertainment value and not about addressing real consumer needs and connecting this to your product or service: e.g. "they really understand me..."
Randall Beard

Andrew Weir said...

Randall: Thanks for comment and excellent suggestion. I absolutely agree and will incorporate into my into future thinking/posts.