Sunday, 10 May 2009

Full marks to Marks & Spencer

M&S in UK has (rightly) been getting a rough ride from newspapers and social media because they were charging ‘larger’ customers extra for DD size bras.

I don't shop that much at M&S (and never buy bras there!) but, like most people in UK, I have great affection for them. I guess the coverage could have started to erode this affection.

Last week they ran a ‘We Boobed’ ad admitting that they got it wrong.

It reminded me of how Richard Branson cleverly handled a serious letter of complaint from a very unhappy flier. [read story here]

M&S are a smart brand organisation. They read the signals well and decided to do a u-turn.

Good move.

Their sensible handling of this issue turned a potential business disaster into a positive brand experience for us bystanders in this issue.

I smiled when I saw it.

That must be a good thing for the M&S brand. 

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