Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Brands can build a sustainable competitive advantage by showing they care

Why is it that customers are often treated so badly, even in these challenging times?

I read recently that research conducted by Better Business Bureau in US revealed that customer complaints had increased 7% - 2008 vs 2007.

This is pretty shocking.

The same post quotes Professor Michael Solomon, director of the Centre for Consumer Research at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia:

 "Too many companies have their eye on the short-term bottom line and they're sacrificing tremendous amounts of goodwill by becoming more 'efficient’...

....I believe this is a true source of competitive advantage for companies that choose to stand out by showing they care about their customers -- and this is exacerbated in a deep recession where consumers shed their brand "acquaintances" and remember who their true "friends" are."

This is great advice.

To survive and thrive brands’ must show their consumers they care.

If you work in the marketing department at a brand organisation don’t focus your time only on developing brand experiences that make a promise saying that you care. It is vital to also invest effort making sure the organisation collaborates to deliver brands experiences that genuinely delight existing customers.

That is how you will build loyalty and maybe positive advocacy for your brand.

Building advocacy is a proven way to win.

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