Wednesday, 29 April 2009

T-Mobile could create a unique brand experience

This will be interesting.

T-Mobile have posted an invitation on You Tube to attend a flashmob event tomorrow night (6-7pm 30th April) at Trafalgar Square in London. 

T-Mobile's Liverpool Street Station Flashmob on and off-line campaign is very good, but this event could help take it to a whole new level.

Flashmobs depend on social media but I think the massive increase in Twitterers will magnify interest in this event due to the retweet button, which causes stories like this to spread like wildfire (aka the 'Boyle' effect). 

I think this event could achieve significant scale (and maybe notoriety) and create a unique brand experience that people who turn-up will talk about.

How cool is that? 

I might even go there to see what happens.

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