Saturday, 18 April 2009

A brand experience that lets consumers touch/sample the brand is one of the most powerful ways to increase their likelihood to buy

I was interested to read a recent post by Nigel Hollis (Chief Global Analysis – Millward Brown) about a research paper by Joann Peck and Susan B. Shu that proves that touching a product makes you more likely to buy it.

The paper says: “ four studies, we found that touch does connect a person to an object by increasing the feeling of ownership of the object.”

This supports learnings from Touchpoints ROI Tracker that consistently shows, across virtually every category, that sampling is one of the most influential ways to deliver brand experience.

This is not a new a new idea.

After all, who buys a new outfit without being able to try it on, or a car without being able to test-drive it?

I recommend that any brand that wants to attract new users (errr I guess that would be most brands!) should look for ways to deliver cost effective brand experiences that lets potential consumers touch, sample and/or play with it.

It should not be complicated.

Develop a brand experience strategy that encourages consumers to interact with the brand.

Test it.

Do the numbers to check the ROI.

If it works, roll it out....

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