Monday, 27 April 2009

A winning customer service strategy will deliver brand experiences that delight.

This post by Cardell Insights Group provides some really useful tips about how brand organisations should handle customer service (Provide basic information that consumers can easily access on the web; For anything else invest in good human customer service people; Use metrics other than call times or first time resolution).

There are a few other success drivers out there:

Why is it that so many brand organisations are spending effort and money on making a Brand Promise but ignoring the opportunity to Delight consumers?

I think it is pretty simple.

Any time a potential or existing consumer calls (or drop-in) to chat, enquire, buy, complain, etc, regard it as an opportunity to delight them you care...apply some magic...make them feel loved.

This is a sure way to accelerate consumers down the Path to Advocacy.


katty said...

Although excellent customer service seems like a pretty basic tenet of running a business, it seems to be forgotten or over-looked by many business owners. But thumbs up for those who gave good service! They deserve free publicity..:)
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Andrew Weir said...

Thanks for your comment. I am surprised (and frustrated!) that more brand organisations don't consider it.