Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Packaging problems for make-up brands

It is well understood that a key role for packaging is to successfully deliver a compelling brand experience in-store (at the first moment of truth), where it needs to standout, appeal to the consumer and clearly communicate the brand proposition and values.

The other critical role for packaging is to continue to deliver great brand experiences during the usage stage (the second moment of truth), when it is unpack and used.

In most categories this is fairly straightforward.

However, with make-up it isn’t.

I read a great post on the Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog by Marina Natanova that highlights the challenges most make-up brands have.

Marina explains: “A lot of premium or even luxury brands don’t have a package which keeps them looking good during usage.”

And why don’t they stay looking good?

…because of the handbag.

I’m not in the habit of rummaging around in ladies handbags – in fact what goes into them has always been a bit of a mystery to me – but what I do know is that they are generally full of stuff…loads of stuff…stuff that tends to get shoved in and shaken around.

This makes it really tough for most make-up items to continue to look good.

I talked before about how one of the most powerful ways to drive advocacy is to deliver compelling brand experiences every time a consumer encounters a brand.

It isn’t easy but in the Make-up category brands that can pass the ‘handbag test’ should get talked about more than their less robust competitors.

I think this is a competitive advantage worth investing in.

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