Sunday, 4 January 2009

Delight consumers. Show you care. Make them talk about you.

Delight…this is what brands should be doing to their consumers - but sadly they often don’t.

This is the final D of the PDD model.

It can be the magical part.

Brands that genuinely delight their consumers tend to get rewarded by securing greater levels of consumer loyalty and advocacy.

It is simple.

They make a compelling promise and deliver it…then aim higher by finding surprising ways to delight their consumers. Brands that do delight are generally the ones that win (as evidenced by the Net Promoter work done by Fred Reichheld).

The challenge for all brands is to find ways to delight their consumers. To show that they care…to surprise them…to reward them…

This work is often in the hands of customer care departments and not integrated into the strategic efforts of the marketing team.

This needs to change.

The global turmoil is changing everything. Consumer confidence and spending has fallen off a cliff. As a result brand organisations are looking closer than ever before at marketing budgets and effectiveness.

In these difficult times it is sensible to ask whether you are delivering winning brand experiences at each stage of consumer journey to advocacy. Do you have the right PDD balance?

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