Thursday, 8 January 2009

Bad service and grumpy britons put UK jobs at risk

This headline in the UK newspapers today is shocking.

I’m not surprised but I really hope that UK hoteliers sort themselves out.

The concern weak hoteliers must have is the deeper problems their business may have as a result of the current recession.

However, the opportunity [and being positive is vital] provided by the weak sterling means that all hotels should have a good year thanks to more tourist (enjoying cheap deals) and more Brits (not travelling overseas).

If I were in the hotel businesses I would be focusing on Delivery and Delight parts of the PDD framework.

Delivery will require some investment in a lick of paint and some new fluffy towels.

Delight will require a more customer friendly approach that genuinely delivers winning brand experiences to consumers.

It is simple. Delight consumers and they should return. They may even tell their friends about you.

To get teams to deliver winning brand experiences to the consumer should not require heavy investment.

What it requires is strong leadership and good Brand Experience Management.

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