Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Apple understand the importance of in-store Delivery and Delight

There is a superb article by Peter Blackshaw about the brand experience you get when visiting an Apple store, and how the "service is marketing" mantra pervades every aspect of the experience.

Apple really are masters at delivering and delighting because they fully understand the effect it can have on driving consumer advocacy.

These are some of the key lesson from Apple’s approach:
  • Service is marketing and may well be the easiest way to engage consumers.

  • Solving problems is an opportunity to deliver a powerful brand experience that can reassure, show compassion (for the pain and frustration) and delight consumers.

  • When employees ‘walk the talk’ (through showing passion and evangelism) credibility goes up -- and credibility drives persuasion.

It is powerful stuff.

Marketer’s should make a point of visiting an Apple store to get a real feel for the brand experiences being delivered..then reflect on how they could re-apply what they learn to their business.

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