Thursday, 15 January 2009

Does sponsoring a film on YouTube (aka going viral) work?

I have just seen the new “Evolution of Dance’ film on YouTube. It’s fun but not as good as the original, a view that is pretty consistent with most of the viewer comments.

I noticed that it is sponsored by Savelogy (an American price comparison site) and wondered whether it will work.

This film has so far had around 2 million hits. The original film achieving a staggering 110 million hits so it probably does make commercial sense.

An interesting benchmark is the original ‘Where the Hell is Matt’ video (one of my all time favourites) which got less hits than its 2008 sequel (12 vs 17 million hits).

I don’t think this will do much for Savelogy, in terms of positive brand experience, but based on potential eyeballs if this film can get even close to the originals 110 million hits I guess it will be judged a success.

I shall track the results with interest.

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