Monday, 1 February 2010

Do you need Superman to build a winning brand experience?

I think Seth Rocks, which is why I read and reference his blog a fair bit.

He recently talked about a book that pointed out that comics work because the readers’ imagination fills the gaps in-between the frames.

He then suggests that marketing works in exactly the same way.

He is absolutely right. (Of course.)

He says:

“Marketing is what happens in between the overt acts of the marketer. Yes you made a package and yes you designed a uniform and yes you ran an ad... but the consumer's take on what you did is driven by what happened out of the corner of her eye, in the dead spaces, in the moments when you let your guard down.”

That is why it is vital to ensure you are delivering a consistent brand experience at every stage of the consumers’ path to advocacy.

To do that every part of the brand organisation has to be involved.

Get it wrong (via poor customer service, a rubbish web-site, etc) and you’ll turn-off consumers...they stop buying and tell their mates about how crap your brand is.

Get it right...and ideally WOW them...and they may buy again and recommend you to their mates.

It may require some superhuman time and effort to build winning brand experiences but it is worth it.

I suggest you get the right people in a room....think about the brand experiences consumers are currently having (use the path to advocacy framework)...and make them better.

This is a proven way to build your business.