Sunday, 7 March 2010

Focus on building memorable brand experiences to drive business success

Seth makes a great point in a recent article.

He asks a simple question about what brand organisations should focus on:

Should their product or service be very good, meet spec and be beyond reproach


... should it be a remarkable, memorable, over the top, a tell-your-friends event?”

You guessed it...brands must aim for the latter. (You can’t compromise by trying to do both.)

He goes on to say what I say all the time:

“..invest in staff and training and services that would be so connected to each other and the guests, so willing to engage and to change people that it might become the sort of transcendent experience that people talk about for months.”

It is simple. Focus on WOWing consumers so they buy again and tell their friends.

If you can build advocacy you will be successful.

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