Sunday, 13 June 2010

Top 10 viral videos (UK)

There is a great article by Goviral in Media Week (UK).

It is clear that great content and a smart seeding strategy can make viral ads really effective way to get noticed.

If you are interested in viral ads and/or enjoy watching them go-read-it.

Here is the list of the UK current top ten.

Make a cup of tea, turn-off the phone/emails and enjoy (leave the gentle Stella 12 minute documentary until you have more time...particularly if you are into poster advertising. In my view it delivers a very rich and powerful brand experience)

  1. NikeWrite the Future (Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam)
  2. TomTom - Behind the scenes of Darth Vader's voice recording (Pool Worldwide Amsterdam)
  3. Olympus -OPEN Giant (DSG)
  4. Hi-Tec - Walk on water (Liquid Mountaineering) (CCCP Amsterdam)
  5. Arriva/Movia - Mukhtars Fødselsdag - Bedre Bustur (Mukhtar's birthday - better bus ride) (bybird/cadaver)
  6. Toyota Sienna "Swagger Wagon" (Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles)
  7. Sony - 3D TV (Anomaly London)
  8. Nissan Qashqai - Urban Bowling (TBWA\G1)
  9. Stella Artois - Up There (Mother New York)
  10. Google Chrome - Speed Tests (BBH New York)
I have logged below how many viewings these films have achieved to date and will check the numbers again then report back later this year.

Anyone want to predict which will have the highest increases?


Dominic Mccory said...

Viral advertisement is a smart and special way to grab the affection of people around the globe to their services. By entertaining them in a way that will stick to them for a long time and then sharing it to their friends until it reaches to the point that almost everyone is aware of that ad.

andrew weir said...

I agree but clearly requires a great idea and smart communications planning to build sufficient momentum to make it spread.

Dexter jazz said...

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