Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Air New Zealand's winning safety video

I seem to blog a lot about airlines. Probably because in the airline category, perhaps more than any other, brand experience is critical to business success.

Anyway, my mate Antony Young bought to my attention this fabulous Air New Zealand safety video.

I love it. It works on so many levels:
  • It successfully gets the key safety messages across in an original way.
  • It fully leverages Air New Zealand's 'fanatical' sponsorship of the All Blacks.
  • It is a fun and engaging film that flyers will pay attention to.
  • Social media will mean it will have a life beyond the cabin (it has already had 164,000 views on YouTube).
  • It will enhance the positive brand experience that Air New Zealand seek to deliver day in day out their consumers.
Great stuff.

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