Saturday, 27 December 2008

Brands that get the PDD Balance right will win

Brand experience can be split into three parts:

Promise - this is the start point. It's the part marketing people focus most of their time on. The brand essence, character, benefits, etc that are usually promoted via advertising.

It is when consumers are told all about the brand and what will happen/how they will feel when they buy/use the brand.

Delivery - this is what actually happens when the consumer buys/uses the brand.

It is when the promise that the brand has made has to be delivered.

Delight - this is when the brand goes beyond what was expected.

It can be the magical bit because when consumers are delighted by a brand they turn into a powerful and positive force.

It is the brand that gets all three parts of this PDD framework right that win. They turn consumers onto the brand - they deliver what they promise - they then exceed expectations and can transform buyers/users into advocates.

We know from The Ultimate Question work that brands that achieve the highest category NPS score (a good indicator of brand advocacy levels) will win.

The challenge for businesses is to get the balance between all three parts right. Not to over-invest in the Promise and fail on Deliver and Delight. It is about PDD balance.

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