Monday, 29 December 2008

Brand strategy and the PDD Framework

How should brand organisations be thinking about consumer brand experience; and the Promise, Delivery and Delight (PDD) framework?

Brand strategy is all about choices. A key strategic decision all brand owners have to make is what PDD balance should be delivered to consumers between each of the PDD components, in terms of finance and resource.

On the face of it shouldn’t be complicated.

Do brands need to Promise? YES…if they don’t they will not generate consumer interest and desire (to try/buy).

Do brands have to Deliver? YES… if they don’t they will not survive (secure repeat purchase).

Do brands need to Delight? YES…if they want to drive advocacy.

The balance varies a lot by category but in my experience a lot of brands don’t get the balance between each right.

The credit crunch is going provide few opportunities for brands. However, one opportunity they will have is to review their PDD balance and consider whether to change it.

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