Wednesday, 24 June 2009

How to plan role of social media on the Path to Advocacy

It is a fun and simple way to explain the powerful role social media plays in building advocacy.

I blog about Brand Experience and the Promise ~ Deliver ~ Delight framework.

The framework is designed to help stakeholder silos (marketing, sales, customer service, etc), within a brand organisation, to think more deeply about the brand experiences they need to build to help move consumers through each part of the Path to Advocacy.

This framework is particularly useful when developing a social media strategy as it highlights the different role each channel can play (Search, Twitter, PR, DM, etc), and the importance of having a joined-up approach.

Any brand team that is developing a social media strategy should use this framework and reflect on whether the brand experiences they plan to deliver will really ‘delight’ people and get them to talk about the brand

After all, it is worth getting it right given that positive advocacy will drive long term sales success.

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