Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Flyers don't always care about the brand experience

I spend most of my time blogging about the importance of delivering great brand experiences that drive advocacy.

I focus mainly on approaches and brands that get this right.

I also occasionally talk about brands that get it spectacularly wrong.

Ryan Air, however, falls into a completely different category.

I read in Brand Republic that Michael O'Leary, chief executive, is currently talking to Boeing about designing airplanes with standing room.


Ryan Air are already planning to charge 'cattle' (fka passengers) for going to the toilet, as well as abolishing check-in facilities and instead demanding that all check-in on-line at a cost of £5.

Oh well... there will be proportion of flyers for whom price is the only factor and Ryan Air are doing an extremely efficient job finding new ways to cater for this group.

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Anonymous said...

You must know that standing room is only a PR stunt. As toilet taxe before.
Irish times revealed it

Charging for toilets PR stunt, says Ryanair boss