Friday, 16 April 2010

Cadbury’s plan to open cafes that should delight consumers

Cadbury's [according to a recent post by Business Spectator] are going to open a chain of cafes in the UK - called Cadbury Cocoa House.

I love this idea.

It will be a brilliant way for Cadbury’s to deliver their consumers’ with brand experiences that delight.

I go on about this all the time...but for me it is obvious, when a brand delivers an experience that delights consumers they will buy again and tells others about it.

Business Spectator talks about how other categories could adapt this concept. I totally agree.

My recommendation for any brand organisation is to build a collaborative team (marketing, sales, customer service, etc) and work out how you can deliver brand experience that will WOW consumers.

That’s how to drive advocacy and business success.

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