Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Delighting the consumer at the ‘second moment of truth’ should be the objective of all brands

I read a comment made by Nigella Lawson in a recent interview that all brands teams should take note of.

When asked whether Nigella was into gadgets, she responded by saying: “I am...I love a new toy. I read instruction manuals because I like revelling in my purchase in the same way I read the brochures that come with face creams. I like getting the full pleasure from every purchase.”

This is a clear insight – albeit from an unlikely source – into why it is so important to deliver at the ‘second moment of truth’.

I go on about how brand organisations must consider the brand experience they deliver at every stage of the path to advocacy. The buy stage is really important.

If you can deliver an experience that WOWs consumers when they first open and use a new purchase they are much more likely to become a loyalist and even an advocate.

I just don't get why so few brands get it right. [Think Apple]

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