Monday, 3 May 2010

Brand success starts with motivated employees

Running a successful hotel isn’t easy. I have stayed in many that are terrible… but (sadly) few that are excellent.

I recently saw an interview on Bloomberg with Chip Conely (CEO and founder of the Joie De Vivre boutique hotels in California).

It sounds like he has created a winning organisation that has loyal consumers who actively advocate the brand (a pretty good measure of success).

He says it is all about the employees; and how happy employees are great for the consumer and great for the company. His inspiration was Maslow ‘Hiercarchy of Needs’ (above) .

A challenge he has is to motivate 1000+ cleaners that clean the loos 5 days a week! He achieves this by working out how to provide recognition and meaning to their lives (stuff at the top of the pyramid).

He also looked closely at companies like Apple and South West Airlines. (Brands I frequently eulogise about.)

A key step he then took was to change the company culture by firstly changing the mission statement to “Create Joy” and secondly by training everyone on how to find simple moments to give joy to the customer.

I love this kind of stuff.

If you work for a brand organisation that is serious about delighting the consumer then maybe you should watch his interview and/or buy his book.

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