Friday, 14 May 2010

Marketers must build Experience Brands to win in the 21st century

This is a very interesting Slideshare presentation from Jack Morton.

It echoes a lot of the stuff I talk about.

Here are some extracts from it and links to my previous postings:

"Brands are defined more by what they do than what they say" [Actions speak louder than words]

"Experience brands understand that the consumer experience has to carry through to the experience of actually using the product or service" [Never in the history of brands..]

"Experience brands do things that get people talking about them" [Delight consumers to build advocacy]

Great stuff.

The message is simple

To win in the 21st century brand marketers need to think very seriously about how to build an organisation that delivers and delights consumers.

A good place to start would be to gather all key stakeholders out the Path to Advocacy gap analysis how you are going to delight consumers so they buy again and may be tell their friends.

This is an effective way to build a competitive advantage and sustainable long-term growth

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