Saturday, 29 May 2010

10 things you hate to hear when talking to a brand organisation

BNET UK recently posted a list of the 10 most annoying customer service phases (below).

Sadly, the list will be all too familiar to most of us

Why don’t brand organisations focus more attention on the brand experiences being delivered by their call customer service staff?

It isn’t complicated. organisations that operates a service department with motivated staff who are empowered to deliver a brand experiences that delights the consumers will win.

... an organisation with unmotivated staff who work to a company policy/script will not.

If you want to win in this space take a look at brands like Zappos, Joie de Vivre and Apple.

They get it.

  • They delight consumers.
  • These delighted consumers buy again and become advocates.
  • Their business results speak for themselves.

BNET’s list:

  1. If you’re not completely satisfied…
  2. Sorry, you’ve called the wrong number…
  3. Your call is important to us..
  4. Please listen carefully. Our menu has changed.
  5. To be honest..
  6. Sorry about the wait..
  7. It shouldn’t be like that..
  8. That’s our policy..
  9. I can’t do that..
  10. We’ll call you back..

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