Sunday, 18 July 2010

Top ten tatts

Kevin Roberts wrote a great piece on his blog recently about tattoos and how some people are so committed to a brand they will get a tattoo.

Wow. This is really is ‘loyalty beyond reason’ (one of ways he describes Lovemark brands).

The article also mentions a book called Brand Sense, written by Martin Lindstrom , that explored the brand-tattoo phenomenon and that shares results of a survey asking which brands people would most want to have tattooed on their arm.

These are the top ten brands:

  1. Harley Davidson (18.9%)
  2. Disney (14.8%)
  3. Coke (7.7%)
  4. Google (6.6%)
  5. Pepsi (6.1%)
  6. Rolex (5.6%)
  7. Nike (4.6%)
  8. Adidas (3.1%)
  9. Absolut (2.6%)
  10. Nintendo (1.5%)

They are all fabulous brands. They are successful because they have invested in consistently delivering great brand experiences that delight consumers.

Nice one.


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