Saturday, 2 October 2010

Customer experience is the new brand

I found a great article at Stage Two that quotes Dustin Hoffman...

“Customer experience is the new brand.”

“I’m not referring to a brand as a logo and a typeface. I’m referring to the new kind of brand; the one is formed by the entire experience of a customer’s interaction. That experience gets branded into his or her memory and leaks into the buzz of modern culture. If you can’t make a good customer experience from start to finish, you’ve failed to generate brand value that will attract customers to come back for repeat business and tell their friends to come back, too. That’s how good customer experience directly affects the bottom line.”

It echoes precisely my view on the importance of delivering a winning brand experience and the affect it has on loyalty, advocacy and the bottom line.


I strongly recommend you take note... and if you want to build a better brand experience for your consumers start by looking at the path to advocacy shown above and work-out how your brand can improve delivery at all stages.


Phillip said...

Wow. I love it too, Andrew. Very nice. I agree with that quote. As a consumer, I look at the way a company treats me as I contact their hotlines for queries on their product or service. How their call center agents answer my calls really affects my loyalty. I have lots of customer service experience and those that aren't good will definitely trigger me to buzz my friends. Customers know how to payback, you know. Nice post, by the way.

Andrew Weir said...


Thanks for feed-back.

The internet is littered with brand organisations that get customer service wrong and get negative buzz.

Sadly there are few stories about the ones that get it right. Mind you, it is very tough getting consumers to buzz positive stories.

But when they do it makes a difference.

Phillip said...

I agree.
Thank you, Andrew.