Saturday, 23 October 2010

A friend of mine – Ingrid Murray - recently told me an extraordinary story about a contact she had with Barclaycard after they had sent her a new card.

She telephoned them to activate it and was put through to someone that was seemingly determined to sell her fraud protection insurance.

This is an example of a really bad brand experience.

When a consumer telephones to activate their card the last thing expected is a heavy sell, particularly when it is for something that isn’t needed. Credit cards typically offer free fraud protection. Here is what Barclaycard have to say on their website:

"As long as you tell us the moment you spot something you think is fraudulent on your account, and you've done everything you can to prevent fraud (like not telling anyone your PIN), you won't be liable for fraudulent use of your card

I, like most people, hate it when this type of thing happens. It is very obviously a ruse to make more money.

It is a major mistake by Barclaycard.

When a consumers makes contact them they should focus instead on delivering a positive brand experience that delights; this is far more likely to result in longer term sales results.

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