Monday, 27 June 2011

Zapposication - the new marketing goal

I rave about Zappos all the time. [See example post]

It is therefore of no surprise to me to see this recent post by, that shows Zappos at the top for customer service:

1. Zappos
2. Expedia
3. Apple (Computers)
4. Acer /Samsung
5. Kindle
6. Discover/ American Express
7. Apple (Smartphones)
8. Fed Ex
9. McDonald’s
10. HP/ Samsung

How do they come top?

Simple...they focus on delighting consumers. They ensure they whole organisation understands the focus by publishing, training and living their core values.

All marketers should take note as winning in marketing in this day and age is not about creating great advertising (although that is important). It is about delivering an overall brand experience that delight. A great customer service is integral to that goal.


Sonia Roody said...

Companies that put their customers in the center of everything they do are destined to win. Regardless of what the customers expect of them, it is still business. Oh and of course, more and more people would know about which companies have a reputation for good customer service.

Andrew Weir said...

Sonia, I totally agree. The trick for companies with a good customer service reputation is to accelerate how many people know about it via a smart social media strategy. Zappos CEO (Tony Heish) is an uber social media master

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