Thursday, 6 October 2011

Great Customer Experience is the Ultimate Brand Experience - Top 100 UK

Here is the ranking:

2. John Lewis
3. Virgin Atlantic
4. Emirates
5. Marks & Spencer
6. M&S Simply Food
=7. Millies Cookies
=7. Greggs
9. Hilton
10. Krispy Kreme

The Marketing Week article then makes an important statement:

"Great customer service is the ultimate brand experience. Consumers on the receiving end of a positive retail experience may spend more than they intend, come back for more and tell their friends."

Absolutely. ..

This is what I go on about all the time.

The success of these brands is clear evidence that building an organisation that is capable of delivering winning brand experiences at every stage of the consumer journey is a winning strategy.

If you are serious about achieving success like these brands than consider the consumer experience at every stage of the Path to Purchase and think how you can WOW them.

Also, check-out the Marketing Week article because it has a number of interesting insights into the actions of some of the top 100 brands.

Here are some examples:
"John Lewis encourages consumers to interact with the brand through well-trained store staff" 
"People find that the Richer Sounds staff are concerned about meeting their needs rather than selling the most expensive item" 
"Virgin’s staff are generally felt to be fantastic....Virgin has become a customer service case study for other brands aiming to humanise their operations" 
"We have found that what people love about Millie’s Cookies is the variety, choice, personalisation and the fact that we don’t come across as a big corporate brand"

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