Saturday, 21 January 2012

Real-time marketing paths the way to delight consumers

There is an excellent article in AdpulpHow To Win Big in 2012: Create Exceptional Brand Experiences For Your Clients’ Customers.

The article talks about 'real-time marketing' and how companies have to recognize that change as the new normal.

I totally agree.

The artticle tells a fabulous story about how Porterhouse Steakhouse made real-time one-to-one marketing possible by listening on Twitter. They basically saw a tweet from a fan jokingly asking for a Porterhouse after a hard days travelling (he had just landed at an airport 23 miles away). They responded by sending out a  tuxedo-clad waiter to meet him with his requested steak.

As the article says, this is textbook case of 'surprise and delight'.

I love it.

This type of brand behaviour is at the heart of what I mean when I say that to win brands need to surprise / delight / WOW their consumer.

We live in a time where there is huge opportunity to listen (to consumer's social conversations) and respond. 

Brand organisations that get this and start to deliver brand experiences like the Porterhouse story will win, because it will drive advocacy and usually loyalty.

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