Thursday, 13 August 2009

Consumers want better food labelling

I read at Customer Experience about a new survey from Guiding Stars Licensing Co., which suggests that food grocery shoppers in US are getting fed up with arcane, hard-to-read and misleading nutritional information on the foods they buy.

Surely this information is not new news to brand organisations.

Here is some more (worrying) data:

  • 24% think labels are "difficult to understand."
  • 28% think labels are "exhausting to read"
  • 67% are only somewhat confident, at best, they can select healthy foods from the Nutrition Facts Panel alone.
  • 74% hold negative views of the Nutrition Facts Panel on their food products

So, if you are involved in package design in any category (not just food), please consider the brand experience you are delivering to the consumer when the information on your brand’s packaging is not clear.

Get it right and you should gain a strong competitive advantage.

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