Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Self service machines undermine the shopping experience

My local Boots and Tesco’s have just installed self service machines.

I am not a fan.

I think it is a mistake for retailers to install them as it merely ‘commoditises’ the whole shopping experience.

The best way to win in-store is to deliver a WOW brand experience that shoppers will love. That way they will reward you with further visits; and maybe even tell their friends about you.

I was therefore very interested to get an invitation from Retail Customer Experience to participate in a webinar: ‘Implementing self service to gain competitive advantage’.

They promise to show, among other things, how to reduce costs and deliver a differentiated experience with self service that will create new consumer loyalty.

Okay…. I get that these machines reduce costs (surely the main reason).

But come on….how can they increase loyalty?

I have registered to join this webinar so I will keep you posted.

[BTW, my thanks to Timothy Belmont for his excellent picture.]

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