Sunday, 7 November 2010

Does Mcdonalds deliver what they promise?

Regular readers know I talk a lot about the Promise ~ Deliver ~ Delight frame work; and how it is vital that a brand delivers the promise they make in their communications.

The picture above (posted by three guys heading west) is a typical example of how brands often don’t deliver what they promise.

McDonalds glossy picture of the Big Mac that bears no relationship with reality of what they serve (deliver).

Is that a problem?

In the case of McDonalds and the food category in general it is probably not. That is because consumers have got used to the fact food pictures on glossary ads, menus, recipe cards, etc don’t actually reflect reality. Most people know a little about cooking and what cooked food really looks like.

However, it is a major problem for most other categories.

If a brand makes a promise they must deliver it, otherwise, quite simply, the consumer will not buy again.

The really smart brands take it one step further. They aim to ‘delight’ their consumers - because they know when they do consumers are likely to buy again and maybe even tell their friends about it.

Think about the brand experiences you are currently delivering after purchase and how your organisation can start to deliver brand experiences that will delight.

That’s how you will build a winning brand.

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