Sunday, 7 November 2010

Wheat Thins reward a fan and create a great story

This is a great story.

A Wheat Thins fan posts a comments on Twitter saying: "AAAHHHH I'm outta Wheat thins...mi life is officially over"

Next thing she knows is that the brand delivers a crate full of Wheat Thins to her home.

This is smart brand behaviour on so many levels:
  • This is a brand that knows how to deliver a brand experience that will delight it's consumers.
  • This is a brand that has good social listening capabilities.
  • This is a brand that knows how to create and spread a story - via social media - that will get talked about.
  • This is a brand that understands the power of advocacy; and that when you delight consumers and create a positive story - it will spread (as evidenced by 500,000+ views on YouTube to date).
That's a good way to build a winning brand.

Nice one.

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