Saturday, 31 October 2009

BT are changing their approach to customer relationship building

If you work in a brand organisation and are involved in building customer relationships go to and watch this video [click for link to site].

In the video Nicola Millard, from BT, talks with passion about the future, social media and customer relationship building.

BT used to have one of the worst reputations for customer care. They want to change.

Nicola has been bought in to shake-up some of their old established ways of doing things.

She explains in the video how they are working out how technology and internal networks can help them deliver brand experiences that will delight consumers.

The video is refreshing and fascinating.

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Becky Carroll said...

Thanks for sharing this. I used to live in the UK, so I agree that BT has some work to do to overcome their reputation. If Comcast can do it over here in the States, so can BT through a renewed focus on customer relationships.

I like the direction. :)