Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Disney improve in-store brand experience

Disney are masters of creating brand experiences that delight consumers.

At their parks they deliver magical experiences that kids remember and talk about.

Apple are also masters of brand experience

Their shops are a delight for consumers.

The fact that Disney are working with Apple (Steve Jobs is on the Disney board) to revamp all their stores is a really smart move.

Stores improvements include:

  • Theatres where kids can watch clips.
  • Interactive displays.
  • Role-play costumes.
  • Speak to characters via satellite
  • Touch screens where parents can book a Disney Cruise.

Their goal is simple: “It’s about making this an experience rather than just picking up a toy,

A spokesman for Disney said:. “You have to build a brand experience that’s enriching enough in its own right, but also amplifies that experience after they leave the store.”

I am confident they will get it right.

Other branded retailers should watch with interest.

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