Monday, 4 January 2010

My favourite Brand Experience Matters posts

I can’t believe it has been just over one year since I started this blog.

114 posts later and I still have so much I want to say...

Anyway, as seems to be customary at the start of a New Year, I thought I would highlight what I think may be my top ten posts:

  • Brand usage – the opportunity
  • Brand experiences to get a brand chosen
  • Brand experience is strategy, not a slogan
  • Winning brands understand the power of emotion
  • Importance of a brand experience culture
  • Deliver customer brand experiences that build sales
  • Advocacy must be a focus for the whole brand organisation, not just marketing
  • Delight consumers. Show you care. Make them talk about you
  • Marketing departments must look beyond just making the brand promise
  • I’m a customer that has become the ad agency for Nikoi Island

Thanks for visiting my blog and come back soon.

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