Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Homebase home delivery service get top marks

This is a great story about a positive brand experience.

My wife recently ordered a sofa on-line from Homebase.

During the buying process she booked a delivery date and time, at a cost of £10.

The day before Homebase telephoned and an automated voice said that the delivery window had been narrowed from four hours to two.

On the morning of the delivery the driver telephoned and said he would arrive in half an hour.

As promised, the sofa arrived and was unloaded and positioned by two very friendly and helpful delivery men.

We have thirty days to decide whether we like the sofa. If we don’t then it will be collected free of charge.

Homebase have realised that if they delight consumers they are likely to buy again and may be even tell their friends about their positive experience.

Homebase's approach is impressive.

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