Monday, 14 September 2009

Social media accelerates need for greater collaboration

I found this useful presentation that was posted on Slide Share one month ago (which I guess in social media years makes it is a little out of date).

It has loads of good stuff.

One quote by Josh Bernoff particularly resonated with me (check page 49):

“The people in charge of talking are in the marketing department.

The people in charge of listening are in the research, or service of sales department.

They hardly ever talk to each other….”

I’ve talked about this before. It is vital that teams collaborate.

It is time to break down department silos, particularly between marketing and research, service and sales; and work together to deliver consistent and joined-up brand experiences that delight the consumer and make them advocates.

Now more than ever before this is vital because ‘social media is like advocacy on steroids’ (check out the great visual on page 12).

It will be the brand organisations that understand the importance of collaboration and delighting consumers, and the power of social media and advocacy that will win.

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