Sunday, 6 September 2009

What is Brand Experience?

I came across this excellent definition of Brand Experience in Digital Web magazine.

"Brand Experience is the strategic approach to compelling people to take productive action through the integrated, coordinated planning and execution of every possible interaction that they have with your company or products. That means assessing business strategy through the lens of providing people with carefully designed experiences that meet their needs and desires, with the explicit intention of compelling them to take productive action on your behalf.

Brand Experience—in its totality—is a rather new discipline, and one that is incredibly complex to execute successfully. Not only does it require a sophisticated understanding of business strategy and a deep, scientific and cultural understanding of people and markets, it also demands a broad—and neutral—understanding of communications and media. It is, at once, the synthesis of business, marketing, design and technology."

So, in summary:

  • It's new
  • It's complex to execute
  • It requires smart people to work it out.

I am not sure that I can add anything to this except a strong recommendation to spend time and effort mastering it. The business rewards for brands that get it right can be very high.

Here's a presentation that suggests how you can start......

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