Saturday, 1 January 2011

My top ten posts from the last decade

As we enter into a new decade I've decided to post what I think are the top ten posts from Brand Experience Matters in the last decade.

  1. “Never, in the history of the consumer, have so many known so little about so much [link]
  2. Actions (of a brand) speak louder than words [link]
  3. CEOs take note (80% of CEOs believes their business offers a superior customer experience – 8% of their customers agree!) [link]
  4. Is it possible for high street stores to win against on-line stores? [link]
  5. Brand organisations must resist pressures from the demands of short-sighted share holders [link]
  6. Winning brands understand the power of emotion [link]
  7. Advocacy must be the focus for the whole brand organisation, not just marketing [link]
  8. Customer experience is the new brand [link]
  9. Importance of culture [link]
  10. Deliver customer service brand experiences that build sales [link]


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