Sunday, 23 January 2011

Brands must deliver what they promise

Once again Seth nails it.

He highlights the mistake some brands make when promising one thing in their glossy ads but not delivering. I go on about this all the time.

Check out Seth's recent post:

" like this (that make a bold promise) actually decrease user satisfaction. If the ad leads to expect one thing and we don't get it, we're more disappointed than if we had gone in with no real expectations at all."

Why is this becoming more of a problem than in the 'old days'?

As I have posted before, and as Seth highlights:

"if word of mouth is the real advertising, then what you've done is use old-school ad techniques to actually undercut any chance you have to generate new-school results."

Marketer beware. Social media makes news about broken promises travel fast. [See old Dominoes story]

Marketing people should be focusing greater time and resource on delivering and delighting their consumers. That is how successful brand organisations achieve loyalty, advocacy and business success.

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