Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mary Portas Golden Rules for Retailers - Smile Speak Serve

Mary Portas is on a mission to transform the appalling service culture of high fashion retailers in the UK.

She has a brilliant programme (on CH4), excellent experience and a no nonsense approach.

It covers loads of themes that are very close to my heart:
  • Retailers must not drive short term profitability by cutting back on service. [Amazon]
  • Leadership, culture and training are key to motivating employees. [De Vivre]
  • Great customer service will feed stand-out and create a sustainable competitive advantage. [John Lewis]
  • Happy customers will feel good and shop again. [Zappos]
If you are a retailer then watch it as there is plenty of actionable lessons. I strongly recommend that you watch it.

In my view, as I have said before, service is the new brand.

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