Saturday, 8 January 2011

Spanair converts passengers into fans

I love this.
  • A Spanair lands in Las Palmas at around midnight when everyone else is celebrating.
  • The airline wanted to do something special for their 190 passengers.
  • The answer...a gift rapped present for each on the luggage carousel.
Did they need to do this...of course not.

Is it a good idea...definitely.

It is exactly the type of brand experience that I love.

On face value it is an expensive activity. However, it is clearly designed to delight consumers with the aim of driving loyalty and advocacy. Moreover, when you take into account that this story will get talked through social media it will more than likely make good commercial sense.

Good one.

If you work for a brand organisation then think about how you can WOW consumers in a way that only your brand can do. That is a great way to build a competitive and sales.

Here are some other examples.

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